Oh my goodness! Swagbucks gave us back several of the shorter playlists!

Check it out here! These playlists are no more than 5.5 minutes long PER SB. Some are 4 minutes or LESS. Thank you Swagbucks. I was on the verge of breaking up with you, but they gave me back my nCraves AND started auto-playing the videos on the SwagButton. My earnings have more than doubled in the past couple of weeks. I have a happy!  🙂


When is the last time you checked the Q&A page?

Some new questions and answers have been added, with more to come in a few days. You will either find it useful, or it will bore you to tears.

Check it out here –> Q & A – Ask me (almost) anything! Updated regularly


Only a few more days left for the ClixSense September 2016 Contest! Free upgrade to Premium Member!!

Someone will be upgraded to a Premium Member at ClixSense, courtesy of MomsOffice! There is still time to sign up and win! Where do you stand? Check it out here!


It actually makes a lot of cents to use ClixSense.


Hints, Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts, Hacks, Passive &/or Easy earnings for some of your favorite GPT sites!

jetskiWhatever this word is you like to use, below you will find an accelerated way of achieving your money-earning goal at some of the more common beer-money (or bill-paying money) sites. This will be updated periodically. Please add your own way of getting quick or easy rewards in the comments!

Updated:  October 5, 2016


Cash Crate:

  • Check under the “Videos & More” tab –> “SuperRewards.” Not every day, but several days a week you will find “SuperRewards Video.” Start this and let it play passively. Even though you will see a green “next” button, you do not need to to click it. The videos will auto-play and advance to the next. It says you can earn .15 cents, but I’ve earned much more. Keep refreshing until it runs out. Make sure you don’t have an ad-blocker on.
  • Of course, also do the green “Check In” button first on the home page, to get a quick 3 cents.

Any site that utilizes EngageMe.TV:  Passive videos! Just open and let play in a small window next to whatever else you are working on.  You will find it at these sites:

  • PrizeRebel:  Offer Walls –> Adscend  –  Pays .5 cents
  • Instagc:  –> AdWall  –  Pays .69 cents
  • Earnably:  Offer Walls –> AdWall  –  Pays .55 cents
  • EarnHoney:  Offers –> Adscend Media  –  Pays .75 cents
  • Grabpoints:  Complete offers –> Offer Walls –> AdWall –  Pays .5 cents (My referral code is DLB5BFC if you are so inclined)
  • PerkTV:  Under “Offers” from the home page. Pays 5 points. $ amount varies, depending on what you cash out for.
  • ClixSense:  Offers –> Adscend  –  Pays 1 cent + if you complete the Daily Checklist, you will earn an additional 7% for regular member or 16% as a Premium member!!

Any site that utilizes nCrave or Encrave videos:  More passive videos! Just look for the ones that you can auto-play, indicated by a swirling arrow in the bottom left of the thumbnail picture.  You will find it at these sites:

InboxDollars TV:

  • Not completely passive, but you can do this via desktop or their mobile app. I average about $1.50 a day. Every once in a while it asks you if you are still watching. As soon as you click “continue” it goes on earning. I’ve on a few occasions even earned over $2 in a day, if I stay on top of it. make sure your ad blocker is not on, or anything that can be perceived as an ad blocker.

I use a Chrome extension called “Better, Faster, Private Browsing.” It helps a lot!

  • Swagbucks doesn’t tell me I have an ad blocker installed, and the videos play better and quicker, without so much lag and drag.
  • Please note, EarnHoney videos will not work with this extension installed.

I use a Chrome extension called “SpecificTIME.”

  • This is awesome so you don’t forget things! Use this for ANY webpage you want to open periodically. For example, I use it to automatically open the Swagbucks Blog page once an hour to see if I have won the hourly 1000 SB. (No, I’ve not won yet.) And while I’m there, I do a search or two, to hopefully win some more SB.
  • Use your imagination on what you could use this extension for. But be careful! If you use it to open certain videos that you know will play automatically. <cough-cough> it could potentially be considered a bot. So proceed with caution.
  • I sometimes use this extension to remember to check AdBistro on EarnHoney. This only is available intermittently throughout the day. Once I see they are posted, and keep doing it until they run out.
  • Use this to remind you to do searches on any site that pays you. Such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, SendEarnings, etc.


  • Check the “Discover All Offers” section a lot! But sort it by SB Min-Max. You will often find things that are quick and easy to do. Such as Delicious Food Instagram Pics. This is a very quick slide show that you can click-click-click right through, without waiting for the next page to load. Sometimes there are some quick videos.
  • Check out my Quick Playlists. There are no more than 4.5 minutes each. You can let them auto-play, or click on the next one once you see the check-mark to get through them faster. Run this in a small window next to whatever else you are working on. It will go pretty fast. If you find the last video is missing, hit Ctrl-0 to bring the screen to 100%.
  • Toolbar TV on the Swagbutton is now PASSIVE! This makes up for lots of things they have done in recent months to piss me off. And to think I was contemplating breaking up with Swagbucks…


  • You are missing out on some good video money if you aren’t taking advantage of their Daily Clicks. While this is not passive, it is MUCH better paying than many of the other GPT sites, paying between .5 cents to 2 cents per video — not a group of videos. You must wait for the video to show completed before going on to the next. So, what I do is I’ve installed Auto Refresh so I can go on about my business while I wait for it to credit. Some of their videos will work with the Better, Faster, Private Browsing extension installed (such as Refugee and Cadaliac) and others won’t (such as Buzzworthy 1 cent videos).


  • Just join the site! You are missing out on at least $5 a day if you don’t by just playing PASSIVE VIDEOS!
  • The trick is, getting it to work correctly. Make sure you have no ad blockers, or anything that can be perceived as an ad blocker. Try several different browsers until you find one that works. On my desktop it only works in the Edge browser, and on my laptop it only works in Chrome. Again…no ad blockers. And it will NOT work with the Better, Faster, Private Browsing extension enabled!
  • Check for AdBistro throughout the day. Keep refreshing until they are all gone. This is an easy 1.5 HD for each one you do, back to back to back.
  • Check for the the surveys. EVERY one! It is not like other sites that will have you spend 15 minutes and then tell you you are not qualified. Then you will receive 1 HD just for trying, as long as you’ve not exhausted your compensation. Your compensations refill each day, or with each successful survey. Earn an additional 50% of the survey by watching 10 videos daily. You have to watch the videos before taking the surveys to receive the bonus.
  • Survey Badges: Earn badges which will qualify you for even more lucrative surveys. You will receive 5 HD$ immediately for each badge that you complete.
  • Every time you cash out, press the blue button that says “Post to Facebook.” Then you receive an additional 5%. I love, love, LOVE this site! Sign up here!

AutoSurf automatically rotate advertised websites in your web browser. Just open these in a small window and let it run all day. You get paid very small amounts for letting it run. But you do nothing. It is completely passive. Sites that have AutoSurf:

Instagc:  They have passive auto-play videos. Run these every day, all day! Refresh and do again when they run out.

PerkTV:  Passive auto play videos you can run simultaneously on up to 5 devices! Desktop, mobile or tablet (including Kindle)!

mTurk:  To earn a great deal of money at mTurk, you are going to want to install some scripts. Search the internet for tons of tips and forums for Amazon Mechanical Turk. However, I will tell you what I use. Since I use Chrome, I’ve installed TamperMonkey. Once that was installed I found a lot of scripts at GreasyFork. My most used ones are TurkMaster (this will auto-capture your favorite hits so you don’t have to search for them) and Que Order Fix (puts your hits in the order they will expire). I will let you do your own research, but my earnings more than doubled once I installed these scripts.


  • Search and shop online as usual with Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, eBay and your other favorite sites. You don’t need to do anything different – just sit back, relax, search and shop online, and get cash rewards. I always forget about it until I earn something. I wrote about it here.

Sign up for 1Q

  • It is just like it sounds. Answer 1 question by text and immediately have $0.25 deposited into your PayPal account! I just discovered this recently and I love it so far!! No spam from them!

Apps: These are MEANT to be passive. And they are somewhat passive when they aren’t being a PITA.

  • MyPoints has an app called MyPoints TV. If it doesn’t act buggy or freeze, this is good for another 10 – 15 somewhat passive points.
  • Swagbucks apps. Read all about them at this earlier post, “If You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of All 7 Apps That Will Earn You 60+ Swagbucks Per Day – You Are Really Missing Out! Or, ARE You?”
  • Inboxdollars use this to watch the TV videos. Not completely passive. It asks you every now and then if your are “still watching.”    Forget it. No longer working.  🙁
  • Earnhoney app. This is still in beta testing, so they ask that you be patient. I have earned from it, but yes, it can be a bit buggy at times.maxine

More tips and passive earnings will be added as I discover them. I know I am missing lots of things, but I am only one person and there are only so many hours I can zone out in front of the computer in a day. Post your favorite tips in the comments below!  🙂

  • If you found this page to be helpful, please consider making a small donation to MomsOffice, so I can spend more time researching ways to boost our earnings, and do less of my own click-click-clicking!  🙂 Thanks! My coffee cup runneth over!

It’s been a cruel, cruel summer. And also very bittersweet.

My Dad died one year ago today, just 4 and a half months after my mother passed away very unexpectedly.

I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with me lately. My poor, long-suffering husband does that every single day of his life. “Welcome to my world,” he said to our son a few weeks ago.

My son was getting exasperated with me as he was setting up my brand new, super-duper-fast-awesome computer. I didn’t have answers for most of his questions, nor did I understand technological terms he was using. Stuff like “bandwidth” and “ports” and “routers.” Plus, my last backup was done on June 20th. (He checked!) NOT acceptable, according to him. I feel like a new person with this brand new, super-duper-fast, amewesome computer that doesn’t make me want to push it to the floor. Now if only I could shake this funk.

I do know that I I am going through an adjustment period. My “new job” after I had quit my “real job” back in 2011 had become taking care of others. I spent a lot of time taking care of my parents and their needs and babysitting grandchildren. And now my parents are gone, and my oldest 2 granddaughters have started preschool. So. I don’t look after other people the way I used to. So I sit at my super-duper-fast computer and work. A lot. I love it. I really do. But it feels weird. My time is my own now.

Like, I can go to places when I want to, not when my parents need something. A few weeks ago  I was in Walmart, and almost collapsed to the ground when I thought I saw my mother. For someone who had started moving so slowly, she sure could disappear in a flash. My daughter took her one day and called me desperately from her cell phone. “We are at Walmart and I’ve lost Gram!” “It’s okay sweetie, happens to me every time. Just walk back and forth until you find her. Sometimes she sits on the bench over by the pharmacy.”

Just when I thought I was nearly “cured” from my grief, my primary care physician died in a bicycling accident at the start of the summer. And then, Father’s Day was spent at the funeral of my husband’s brother when he passed away unexpectedly. Suddenly, I was back to bursting into tears again at a moment’s notice. I probably have what one politely refers to as “anxiety.”

I’ve been going to the neighborhood pool this summer. Many times, I have the whole place to myself, so I am free to get in the very center and float on my back and have “Deep Thoughts” like Jack Handey did on Saturday Night Live. I look up to the sky and say “Hi” to my parents. Earlier this year I went to Butterfly World in Florida. “This is what Heaven must be like,” I said to my daughter. I hope so.

butterflyI hate this time of year when summer is drawing to a close. It reminds me that winter is just around the corner. While many think of fall as a new beginning and with excitement, I always looked at it with dread. I don’t like cold weather and all of the extra clothes and having to wear real shoes. I love summer. I want (and wanted) it to be summer all the time. Especially when I was a kid. School was out during summer. And school to me was like having to work at a “real” job.

But I realize now, that I have officially come to the end of all the “firsts” since both of my parents deaths in 2015. The first holidays without them, their first birthdays and the first anniversary of their deaths. It didn’t feel like it initally, but I think that, yes, I WILL be okay.

My husband asked me the other day what is wrong. I said I have this awesome person inside, and she can’t come out because I feel overwhelmed. Exactly WHAT I am overwhelmed about, I’m not sure.

He walked over to the pantry and grabbed the tin foil. (He tells everyone when they come to the house that they are welcome to anything we have. EXCEPT the non-stick foil. This is simply not true! It is used for cooking only. NOT to grasp and yank off a 12-foot sheet to wrap some leftovers that no one will eat. Then it sits in the refrigerator until it turns green and unrecognizable.) Anyway, I sat at my desk and watched him carefully, as he tore off a sheet and covered a pan he was about to use to heat some frozen shrimp in the oven. I sighed with relief. “I thought you were about to make me a tin-foil hat.” “No, I think the voices would get through it anyway,” he said.tin-foil-hat

Some days I feel as I am going deaf and contemplate getting a hearing test. Other days I’m jumping out of my skin thinking someone is next to me, or that I hear sounds coming from an unknown direction. “Did you say something?” I ask my husband. And he says, “That wasn’t me Kim. And please note that we are the only two here.”

I’ve been doing some cleaning and organizing around the house this this summer. I am getting a lot of things done that had been pushed to the side for various reasons. Cleaning my car became a two-day project because of my bad back and a blistering heatwave. “You can tell the paramedics that I took an aspirin shortly before 4 pm,” I breathlessly told my husband, as I collapsed from heat exhaustion and back spasms into the recliner. “From now on,” he said, “I want you to do this:  When you get up every day hit 9 on your cellphone, then after lunch, hit 1…”

I‘ve also spent part of the summer catching up on some shows I’ve always wanted to watch. It’s such an escape for me. I became obsessed with Call The Midwife. The series starts in 1957 in London, around the time my parents met in England. I also watched the entire series of Mad Men. This was super entertaining to me, as it was set in the 1960’s, so it reminded me of my childhood. My husband says I want to live in the past. True. I’ve always wanted to live in Mayberry. But they didn’t have super-duper-fast computers. I’d be lost without mine. Andy would tell me to quit wallerin’ now, and head back to MomsOffice.


“Cruel Summer” by Bananarama
Listen to it here

Hot summer streets
And the pavements are burning
I sit around
Trying to smile
But the air is so heavy and dry
Strange voices are saying
What did they say?
Things I can’t understand
It’s too close for comfort
This heat has got right out of hand
It’s a cruel, cruel summer
Leaving me here on my own
It’s a cruel, cruel summer
Now you’re gone