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Making money while you sleep – A “To Do” List for when you go ni-night

You want passive? I’ve GOT Passive! Stuff you can click on, set it and forget it, and then go ni-night. Or go out for the day, or just sit on your @$$ and stare into space.

I use the Vivaldi Browser for all of these passive activities. It seems to run smoother, and it prevents all of those annoying pop-ups that some of the videos have.
In the morning, or at lease once a day, I use the free version of cCleaner, and then restart my computer. Yes, you will have to log back into all of the sites, but it really cleans up your computer and the memory, so it is not bogged down from all the crap you’ve been running. Then, I open all of these passive gems again so they run for the day, while I work on other things, like my To Do List, eBay, mTurk, or just plop my butt on the couch and watch TV. (hours upon hours of Big Brother live feeds…)

Please note, that depending on your computers speed and memory, you may not be able to open everything I have here. I can because I have a super-duper-fast- desktop PC. Also an older laptop, and older desktop, an android phone and 4 Fire Kindles. The Kindles I got dirt cheap on eBay, because they have cracked screens. I did not care about the cosmetics, I just needed them so I could run PerkTV all day and night.They have already paid for themselves with Walmart gift cards. Of course, I place my FREE Walmart orders thru Swagbucks, so I earn SB back on the $$ I “spent” but not REALLY spent, because I earned the FREE Walmart gift cards! It’s a beautiful little circle. And then, my phone runs the Swagbucks apps if I’m not yakking on it.

True, all of these things listed below are not COMPLETELY passive, you do have to check on things here and there, to make sure they are still going, but it is VERY surprising how quickly these all together add up! Watch your earnings soar, even if you don’t want to sit in front of a computer clicking all day and night! You can easily make enough to pay for Christmas. All of it. Even the food and booze and stuff.

Important note! Some of these links will not work for everyone. Sometimes a site will disable certain video features for a while, especially if you are using multiple sites. This is usually because of the 3rd party verification service they are using, not the site itself. Basically, you will be temporarily blocked for a while. But changing your IP address usually will clear that up. Sometimes not. You can also just back off on some of the videos for a while. Just don’t change your IP too often, as it may flag your account. However, I have found that since I switched to the Vivaldi Brower, I’m having less issues with videos not being available to me. Could be a fluke, or… it could not be.

Pick ‘n choose from the easy stuff posted below, or try to do as many as you can. 

Remember — NO AD BLOCKS, or these beautifully passive links to FREE money and gift cards will not credit properly. Also, make sure you are logged in to the individual accounts.

Swagbucks <– Sign up or log in


EarnHoney <– Sign up or log in

ClixSense <– Sign up or log in

Earnably <– Sign up or log in

CashCrate <– Sign up or log in

Grindabuck <– Sign up or log in 

instaGC <– Sign up or log in

MyPoints <– Sign up or log in

QuickRewards <– Sign up or log in

PrizeRebel <– Sign up or log in

InboxDollars <– Sign up or log in

Grab Points <– Sign up or log in

KoinMe <– Sign up or log in

ClickPerks <– Sign up or log in

iRazoo: Invite code: MXPYLY Sign up or log in

PerkTV <– Sign up or log in

** If this link is not working, you will need to download the SwagButton, and click on the “Watch” tab.

*** You can only run one VideoLab per household. The one at EarnHoney is the highest paying one you will find at 1.5 cents. Use the Vivaldi browser! Ever since I’ve started using this browser, I’ve not gotten the message telling me I am done for the day. Instagc is the 2nd highest at 1.4 cents.

**** You can only run one MinuteStaff AutoSurf per household. The one at instagc is the highest paying one you will find.

The all-new, not-so-quick-or-awesome-playlists that are no more than 5.5 videos per SB. (Because Swagbucks has gotten mean and stingy)

Swagbucks is getting on my NERVES! They are making it harder and harder to earn Swagbucks these days. I am hoping this is only temporary. I have many bones of contention with them at the moment, however, the only thing I will discuss here and now is their playlists. Used to, they had many very reasonable playlists with 4 or less videos per SB. Okay, so we must step up our game and remain naively optimist that they will come to their senses in short order.

  • As of:  9/2/2016
  • And since they make it so hard to weed through them, I have made this helpful list. Below are the current playlists are in multiples of 5 or 5.5 per SB earned:

And…. Well, move along folks. Nothing to see here!

The best you are going to do is 6 videos per SB. Not worth it in my opinion, unless it is a very quick playlist, such as I have compiled here. Otherwise, I recommend sticking with the “Watch” portion of the Swag-Button (10 videos for 3 SB), but you have to click through them one-by-one. Also do the Sponsored Videos. My favorite is “Tour The Web” for 2 SB (Can be done multiple times!) and nCrave (If nCrave is available to you, that is. — Not everyone gets them, and I am one of those poor, wretched souls.) I’m starting to wonder what the deal is with these SB playlists. It really has gotten ridiculous.

And folks… that’s it! This is a sad day for Swaggernauts. Other than this list (now nonexistent), stick with the ones that are in multiples of 6 videos per SB. Or better yet — try Inbox Dollars. They have a new feature called Inbox Dollars TV. You can watch it desktop or mobile. And it adds up FAST. Much quicker than SB video playlists lately. Just set it to play, and every now and again it will ask you if you are still watching. Too easy! Below is what I have earned recently just from Inbox Dollars TV:

  • 08/23/16  $1.76
  • 08/22/16  $1.82
  • 08/21/16  $2.23
  • 08/20/16  $1.78
  • 08/19/16  $2.01


I’ve also taken my video watching to QuickRewards. If you look under the “Daily Clicks,” they have more Buzzworthy videos than you can watch. EACH VIDEO pays 50 or 100 QP, which is equivalent to 1/2¢ or 1¢ PER VIDEO. Why would you spend your precious time watching 6 – 11 videos at Swagbucks for 1 measly SB (1¢), when you can do this? You can more than triple your video earnings at Quickrewards! Hint:  I like to stay with the Buzzworthy “Cadaliac” and “Refugee” videos. Once you click the link, it will play. You don’t have to wait for the “play” button to come up. I run these in a window next to what ever else I am working on. AND, You can cash out EVERY DAY! No matter what your earnings are!




Why you always want to read the SB Blog! 5 Day Craze: Earn Double SB on Swagbucks Video Apps!

You should ALWAYS keep up with the Swagbucks Blog. It seems they consistently have a promotion going on. And this coming week, (Monday, August 15 – Friday, August 19) you can increase your earnings. If you have not already done so, you will want to download all of the SB apps, and read my previous post here.

It seems (to me) that they have worked out a few of the bugs on at least a couple of the apps; and maybehappy camper (again, my thoughts) this is to thank us for hanging in there. I have noticed that many of the apps have had recent updates, and some are not QUITE so buggy. Anyway, DOUBLE your earnings on one-app-a-day this week!

I’ll take it for something I was going to do anyway!


From the Offical Swagbucks Blog:

Imagine a world without mobile phones. The world would be all about true, meaningful, face to face conversations, no text messaging and emojis, and no possibility of embarrassing photos and videos taken unbeknownst to you. Sounds pretty good right? You won’t think so once you find out what we’ve cooked up for you!

Grab your mobile phones because we are bringing back 5 Day Craze!

Did you know that there are mobile apps aside from the Swagbucks Mobile App that allow you to earn SB? If not, get ready to live! Download and start earning SB with MovieCli.ps, IndyMusic.tv, Sportly.tv, Lifestylz.tv and EntertaiNow.


Everyday from Monday, August 15th through Friday, August 19th  we will DOUBLE App win amounts and bonus rounds in one of these video Apps.

Which video App earnings will be doubled on which day? Don’t worry we’re getting there.

Monday – Sportly.tv

Tuesday – IndyMusic.tv

Wednesday – MovieCli.ps

Thursday – Lifestylz.tv

Friday – EnteraiNow

Make sure you have all five video Apps because you’ll only be able to earn DOUBLE SB on one app each day!

MyPoints TV – Somewhat passive income, and as annoying as the Swagbucks apps

MyPoints TV

I really love the idea. I really want to earn more points without having to do surveys. (Ugh! Surveys!) But (there’s always a big butt in the way), just like with the Swagbucks apps seen here, it requires a certain amount of …. No. Make that a LOT of … damn babysitting. (According to Urban Dictionary, “damn” is an adjective you can stick in front of absolutely any noun to add a feeling of stigma to your sentence.)

MyPoints TV It will be awesome if they every work out the bugs. No wonder, it’s by Prodege LLC, the EXACT same one as with Swagbucks. Now I have a headache.

Even with all that hate that I have expressed oh-so-eloquently, I DO have the damn app installed and I WILL use it just to get some extra points. But I will go on to other things when I inevitably become frustrated. I mean, I quit my “real” job so I wouldn’t have to deal with annoying shit activities anymore.

MyPoints TV

The following is their description of it:

Official MyPoints TV App. Earn Points and redeem them for FREE gift cards.
Watch fun, fresh videos, and earn Points no matter where you are with the MyPoints TV App.

“Enjoy” <ahem> watching over 1,000 current movie, dvd, and game trailers along with other entertaining videos including comedy clips (I’ve not found the comedy clips yet, those are my favorites because they go fast), all from your phone.

Brilliant! Join MyPoints here!

Looking for passive paid videos? Try InboxDollars!

I’ve been a member of InboxDollars for a while now, and I have cashed out 4 times to the tune of about $120. It’s one of those sites I use, but not religiously. I’ve discovered recently a beautiful feature they have called InboxDollars T.V. If you are looking for videos that autoplay so you can earn nearly passively, this is the place to be. You can earn up to $2 per day with these. All you have to do is click on the button that comes up every now and again that asks you if you are still watching. If it tells you you are out of logo-tvvideos, it is probably just for that particular category. Click a different one and keep going.

Of course, InboxDollars has all the other features one would expect from the usual online rewards clubs that pays you cash for completing activities. Earn cash when you are credited for completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos and engaging in many more activities.

You can track your earnings and progress towards Gold Membership on your Current Earnings page. Gold members enjoy additional perks including faster payments, more sweepstakes entries, more loyalty rewards, and additional referral rewards. Once you cash out for the first time, your account will automatically be upgraded to gold. For non-Gold members, it takes around two weeks for payments to be processed. For gold members, payments are processed weekly.

Once your account reaches a balance of $30, you can request a check or a Visa Cash Card. Too bad they don’t offer PayPal, but I’m fine with that. Money is money.

Of course, do searches every day to earn Sweeps Entries, or cash amounts from 1 – 4 cents for every four searches. If you search every day, (which you WILL, because you follow My List each and every day!) you are credited an additional 10 cents every Sunday as a loyalty bonus.

If you regularly do the surveys and offers, you are opened up to even more earnings such as additional videos and paid emails.

They have an app in which you can watch videos as well. But you have to “x” out of each one, and so far I have only earned Sweeps entries. Sweeps are where you can enter to win cash prizes or gift cards.

winitlogoMembers can also find and enter WINIT codes. These are posted on their social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. WinIt prizes vary by code such as sweepstakes entries, cash, or a contest entry.

All in all, this is a pretty cool site and worth signing up for to put in your daily routine.inbox